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Funding Opportunities

ANGIN: Anticipation Grants

Indonesia – The Netherlands

Anchoring the past, developing the future


In Bahasa Indonesia the word “angin” means “wind”, while in English, “anticipation” is defined as: “to give advance thought, discussion, or treatment to” (Merriam-Webster). ANGIN will provide seed money to allow a fresh wind to blow through our bilateral scientific relationship.

In 2017, the Programme Committee of the Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands (SPIN) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) launched a new initiative to anchor the present and develop the future of Indonesian – Dutch scientific cooperation. This initiative aims to:

  • Anchor existing networks and relationships between Indonesian and Dutch partners in the field of knowledge and innovation.
  • Enable new interdisciplinary relationships and initiatives between such partners.
  • Connect national and international societal agendas with scientific cooperation.
  • Strengthen the cooperation with stakeholders in the process of development of new scientific programming and projects

From the blue economy to smart cities, today’s societal challenges require interdisciplinary solutions. Research across boundaries is difficult. How to start on the road towards interdisciplinary research? ANGIN seeks (a) to help scholars find each other across disciplinary and national boundaries, and (b) to support preliminary exploration of interdisciplinary research questions leading to a full research proposal to be submitted to other funding organizations.

The objective of ANGIN is:

To stimulate the development of new interdisciplinary scientific cooperation between Indonesian and Dutch partners. Cooperation is positioned within the Resilient Society research theme, involves partners from different scientific disciplines, is favored to connect/combine fundamental and applied research, critically enquires into implementation trajectories and needs to engage stakeholders.


2020: Final CALL of ANGIN

The ANGIN secretariat welcomes preliminary queries from persons or groups considering submitting a proposal. Such queries may be directed to Sikko Visscher.

The full call text is available here.

The application form is available here.

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