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Funding Opportunities

Anchoring the past, developing the future

ANGIN: Anticipation Grants Indonesia – The Netherlands

Objectives and goals

  • Anchor existing networks and relationships between Indonesian and Dutch partners in the field of knowledge and innovation.
  • Enable new interdisciplinary relationships and initiatives between such partners.
  • Connect national and international societal agendas with scientific cooperation.
  • Strengthen the cooperation with stakeholders in the process of development of new scientific programming and projects

Aim of ANGIN: Anticipation Grants Indonesia – The Netherlands

In order to achieve the objectives and goals above, ANGIN will provide seed money for the development of new interdisciplinary scientific cooperation between Indonesian and Dutch partners. Cooperation will need to be positioned within the Resilient Society research theme, will need to involve partners from different scientific disciplines, is favored to connect/combine fundamental and applied research, will critically enquire into implementation trajectories and needs to engage stakeholders.

This programme will run during the time-period of the MOU between RISTEK/DIKTI and OC&W (2017 – 2021). There will be one call round per year.

Time line Initial Call:

June 2017: communicate with partners in NL and IND, gather information for call

Late June: Pre-announcement to Indonesian and Dutch researchers including those involved in the development of the Resilient Society theme, the organizing institutions and participants of the Open Science Meeting, and the SPIN community.

July 2017: draw up call text and Rules and Regulations

26 July 2017: Release call

15 Nov 2017: deadline for submission

Mid Dec: ANGIN Committee of SPIN makes final decision and announcement

Early Jan 2018: start of activities

30 Jun 2018: End of activities period. Submission of a (draft) plan for interdisciplinary cooperation. Submission of Final report and financial report.

NB: This time line can be repeated in the other 3 rounds with preference of the call being released in June at the latest.

Budget and support of the programme

This programme will be financed under the SPIN subsidy. SPIN Programme funds that were not fully utilized will be pooled and used to provide funding for the four rounds of ANGIN. At this moment the estimation is that €700.000,- will be available.

Per grant a maximum of €45.000,- will be available. 2 or 3 grants will be awarded per round. Besides funding, the programme will provide support and advice to the recipients through the ANGIN Policy Officer, especially concerning interdisciplinarity and involvement of stakeholders.

Required elements in ANGIN application

  • Interdisciplinary question positioned within the broad framework of the Resilient Society Circle
  • Insight in the composition of the proposed team? (minimum of two Dutch and two Indonesian partners). What is the track record of the underlying partnerships? (scientifically and in previous cooperation)
  • Balance in the team of sound disciplinary expertise which is enriched and operationalized through interdisciplinary partnerships. Which new approaches will this enable?
  • Stakeholder involvement: Which other partners are envisioned to be approached and engaged in the course of the grant period and later on in the research project itself and why? (academic and non-academic researchers, NGO’s, companies, policy makers)
  • Goal and end product: towards which Research funding organization will you target your draft research plan:
    • Indonesian (DIPI, RISTEK/DIKTI, LPDP),
    • Dutch (NWO [Joint NL-IND call, SDG calls, VENI-VIDI-VICI], STW, SIA),
    • Other (EU Horizon 2020 [thematic calls, interregional cooperation], Worldbank, third-country funding from Australia, USA, etc.)?

Do you have other (long term) goals for this cooperation? Institutional ties, educational links, innovation/patents, developmental projects?

  • Timeframe for the 6 month activity period (Jan – Jul 2018)
  • Proposed and itemized budget for activities.

Possible activities

Below are some possibilities of expenses that can be covered. This is not an exhaustive list. In the rules and regulations of the call, maximum amounts for certain categories will be specified.

  • Visits by senior partners to each other’s institutions. (NB: visits to the Netherlands will have to comply with regional practices and regulations of the Tax Office)
  • Visits to and discussions with stakeholders.
  • Closed workshops including key stakeholders for the purpose of discussing and developing the topic and the team, or for writing and discussing a draft research proposal
  • Exploratory trips to future fieldwork locations

Evaluation and selection of applications

The SPIN secretariat will implement and administrate this call. The evaluation and selection will be the responsibility of a sub-committee of the Programme Committee of SPIN.

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