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Yenny Djuardi

Yenny Djuardi, MD, PhD. Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

After finishing medical education from Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia, she started to work as a research assistant in the Department of Parasitology Universitas Indonesia in 1999 and continued to become a permanent lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine UI and a researcher in the laboratory of Prof. Taniawati Supali until now. In 2013, she obtained a doctoral degree from the Department of Parasitology, Leiden University. Her study was a prospective immunoepidemiology study in mothers and children living in helminth-endemic areas in West Java, with the funding from NWO-WOTRO. She has been involved in various collaborative researches on the immunodiagnosis and treatment of filariasis and intestinal helminth infection funded by Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as in the research projects funded by KNAW in helminth and malaria and metabolic disorders. Among her research interests are immunoepidemiology in parasitology and relationship between helminth infection and microbiome.



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