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Willy Purna Samadhi

Willy Punrna Samadhi, MA. (PWD Project, UGM, Indonesia)
Power, Welfare and Democracy (PWD) Project is a research-based collaboration project between Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and University of Oslo (UiO) dedicated to support and fine-tune the direction of democratization in Indonesia by enhancing academic-base engagement. It aims at transforming and reshaping Indonesian political movements that promote and enhance the democratization process. The goals are to assess the progress and to discover the underlying problems of democratization and to feed or redirect the required reorientation and measures based on the assessment. The project is currently managed by PolGov Research Center, Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM under the coordination of PACER program and supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Indonesia, UGM, and UiO.


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