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Widjo Kongko

I have been working in Balai Teknologi Infrastruktur Pelabuhan dan Dinamika Pantai (BTIPDP – BPPT) since 1997. My field of interest and experience is in the civil engineering, coastal and environment engineering; focus on study of tsunami-earthquake model simulation. More than 30 international paper and some books in the above expertise related issues were published.
In OSM, I will present the sensitivity test of the tsunami model simulation due to various source parameters and DEM Data.
Affiliation & Website (s):
Dr.-Ing. Ir. Widjo Kongko, M.Eng.
Program & Tech. Services Section – Coastal Dynamic Research Center
Agency for the Assessment & Application of Technology (BTIPDP-BPPT)
Jl.Grafika 2 Sekip Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia
Tel:+62(0)274-586239, Fax:+62(0)274-542789
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