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Dr. Samedi (Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, KEHATI, Indonesia). Program Director, Tropical Forest Conservation Action for Sumatra (TFCA-Sumatera), Administered by KEHATI Foundation.

TFCA-Sumatera is a program for the realization of a debt-for-nature swap scheme agreed by the United States of America Government and the Government of Indonesia in 2009. The program generates funds which allows financing for forest conservation activities in Sumatra, carried out by local actors, such as NGOs. To date about 30 projects on 13 landscapes in Sumatra are underway. Conservation interventions at three levels: policy (and institution), landscape, and community economic development, are aimed at achieving meaningful conservation impacts on the ground.

Besides direct impacts (ecology, economy and social) on the ground, the projects also provide lessons useful for the development of further policies and provide plenty of objects for research and further study.



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