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Programme Food Water Energy

Monday 15 May
15h00-15h20 Mr Dr. CB Rasrendra
Biorfinery allowing for synergies
15h20-15h40 Ms Dr. Dianika Lestari
Biorefinery of by products of Crude Palm Oil production for Food, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceuticals Industries
15h40-16h00 Mr Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh
Biorefinery of Kemiri Sunan (second generation of biomass feedstock) yielding valuable by products
16h00-16h30 Debate with audience
Tuesday 16 May
11h15-11h35 Ms Dr. MA Slingerland
System thinking allowing for synergies
11h35-11h55 Ms Anindrya Nastiti, ST MT
Coping with poor water supply in peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia: towards a framework for understanding risks and aversion behaviours
11h55-12h15 Ms Khasanah, Ni’matul
From oil palm monoculture to intercropping: synergies and trade-offs using WaNulCas model
12h15-12h45 Debate with audience

Both Dr CB Rasrendra and Dr MA Slingerland will provide an introductionary speech, using some of their own experiences for setting the scene.

Followed by our invited speakers:

  1. Dr. Dianika Lestari (Ms) Chemical Engineering Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung ( Graduated from Wageningen University, The Netherlands (SPIN programme)
  2. Dr.  M. Yusuf Abduh (Mr) School of Life Science and Technology, ITB ( Graduated from Groningen University, the Netherlands (Agriculture Beyond Food programme)
  3. Anindrya Nastiti, ST MT (Ms) Environmental Management Technology, ITB (
    Doing PhD with Nijmegen University, The Netherlands
  4. Khasanah, Ni’matul (ICRAF) Bogor
    Doing PhD with Wageningen University, The Netherlands
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