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Professor Rohani Ambo-Rappe

Marine Science Department
Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries
Hasanuddin University
My main research interests are seagrass ecology, ecosystem services, and ecosystem restoration. I have received some national and international research grants and conducted some research collaborations on various topics related seagrass ecosystem services and restoration, i.e. (i) Combating Seagrass Decline: Developing a Restoration Manual For Indonesia and The Coral Triangle (USAID PEER Science), (ii) Empowering Community Action for Seagrass Conservation in Southeast Asia: Seagrass Meadows Support Food Security (Waterloo Foundation), (iii) Ecosystem Function of Seagrass System in Different Hydrodynamic Regimes: Implication for Seagrass Restoration (Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education), (iv) Carbon Sink Capacity of Seagrasses in Different Hydrodynamic Condition: Implication for Climate Change Mitigation (Internal Hasanuddin University Grant).
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