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Prof. dr. Wiebe Bijker

Wiebe E BijkerWiebe E. Bijker is professor of Technology & Society at Maastricht. He was trained as an engineer in physics (Delft), studied philosophy (Groningen), and holds a PhD in the sociology and history of technology (Twente). Bijker is Director of Studies of the research master “Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology” (CAST). His research focuses on technology-society-science relations.

He studies a variety of empirical domains: nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, ICT, gender and technology, public health policies, science & technology for development, sustainable agriculture, public participation experiments, architecture and planning. The past decade his research focuses on comparative studies of science and technology in Africa, India and Europe.

He is chair of the Board of NWO-WOTRO/Science for Global Development, member of the Rathenau Institute (the Netherlands Technology Assessment organisation) Board, and member of the Health Council of the Netherlands. Bijker received the J.D Bernal Award 2006 and the Leonardo da Vinci medal 2012, and was knighted Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau in 2009.

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