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Prof. Dr. R. Siti Zuhro

Prof. Dr. R. Siti Zuhro, Senior Researcher Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI, Indonesia)

R. Siti Zuhro, is a research professor at the Center for Political Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI Indonesia). She got PhD in Politics from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Her research is focused on local politics in Indonesia and she has published books and articles on regional autonomy, bureaucracy, and local democracy in Indonesia. Her current research is on regional autonomy and democracy in Indonesia. She has written articles on local direct regional election (pilkada), bureaucracy, regional autonomy and books on  Reformulating Authority between Central and Region (2005); The Effectiveness of Local Government in Central Java and West Sumatera (2005); Democracy and Globalization: Seeking for Identity (2008); Democracy and Local Political Culture in Indonesia: Identifying Continuity and Change of Local Democracy in Four Provinces (2009); Local Democracy in Indonesia: The Role of Actors in Supporting and Hindering Democratization (2009); The Models of Local Democracy in Indonesia (2011). She used to be one the expert team for DPD RI 2007-2011 (regional representative council) and Minister of Home Affairs since 2007 and also as member of Independent Team of National Bureaucratic Reform since 2012 up to now.

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