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Prof. Dr. Hans de Jong

Foto Hans de JongHans de Jong is a world-leading expert in the field of molecular cytogenetics of plants, with special attention for chromosome behavior and transmission for plant breeding. During is career he has been involved in projects of several international genome consortia and breeding companies with multidisciplinary studies on tomato and potato genomes, apomixis in Taraxacum and Boechera, and meiotic recombination management for plant model and crop species. More recently he focused on reverse breeding technologies, aneuploidy in crops species and comparative genome projects of Arabidopsis, tomato, rice and banana. Hans de Jong has a publication record of about 130 papers of which several are in high impact fact journals. As a professor at Wageningen University he contributes to advanced genetic courses for biologists and plant (biotechnology) scientists. In addition, he has been coordinating an International Chromosome Conference in Amsterdam and organized several international workshops on Chromosome painting technologies. He is also president of the Dutch Biology Olympiad, reviewer of many scientific journals and accepting editor for Chromosome Research.


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