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Prof. Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati

Enny SudarmonowatiProf. Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati (Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI),Indonesia)

Joined LIPI in 1986 after graduated from Bogor Agricultural University in October 1985 and obtained a Ph.D degree at School of Biological Sciences of University of Bath, UK in January 1991. Since 1992 till present, has been research coordinators of various collaborative programmes concerning plant biotechnology and relevant aspects with various institutions including private sectors in Indonesia and in oher countries such as IPGRI-APO based in Malaysia, IAEA/FAO based in Austria, ETH Zurich, Wageningen University and Radboud University  in Netherlands, AVEBE Netherlands, and Indonesian private/semi provate companies such as PERHUTANI, INHUTANI, Sinar Mas Forestry. Projects involved  funded by KNAW and other agencies (such as WOTRO) in The Netherlands, among others were BIOTRAIN, BIORIN, Indosol and Agriculture Beyond Food (AbF). Her main research focus is genetic conservation and improvement of plants involving various techniques such as cryopresevation, genetic engineering, molecular markers and irradiation.    Currently, beside as Head of Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetic and Biosynthetis Pathway Modification of Research Centre for Biotechnology – LIPI, she is a Director of National Training and Education Centre for Researcher Development – LIPI and Indonesian Coordinator of Agriculture Beyond Food Programme of Indonesia-Netherlands collaboration as well as Secretary General of Indonesian Researcher Union (IRU). She has published more than 169 scienctific publications and one (1) granted patent, two (2) have been submitted to Indonesian Directorate General of Patent and Intellectual Property Right. She is a promotor or co-promotor of various universities in Indonesia and abroad.

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