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Living Lab Water Indonesia – the Netherlands

Co-chairs Indonesia and The Netherlands
Mrs. Liliane Geerling, HZ University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Mr. Haryo Dwito Armono, ST., M.Eng, Ph.D, ITS, Indonesia (to be confirmed)

During the past years the “Living Lab Water” has been initiated uniting universities, private businesses and public organizations from Indonesia and the Netherlands. It’s goal is to commonly develop and apply practical solutions for the societal challenges we face in terms of Water in both countries.  The session will look at the need for cooperation between sciences and professional practice in realizing real-life innovation. It is seen as complementary trajectories whereby both can benefit from each other expertise and experiences.

Central Question
How universities can involve companies and public partners: how to work on the demand-side and at the same time be (applied) research driven? How to aligning science and applied research? What is the added value for all partners to be involved? How to successfully develop a Living Lab from the perspective of universities, companies and public organisations.

Interdisciplinarity in the workshop
The workshop addresses societal challenges that are by nature interdisciplinary in content (science and research) and participants (universities, companies, government, communities). A very practical how-to approach will be applied during the workshop.

The session involves speakers and participants from universities, knowledge institutes, companies and government from Indonesia and the Netherlands.


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