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Joost Stronkhorst

Delta Academy, HZ/University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands;

Deltares, The Netherlands

Dr Joost Stronkhorst is leading lector of Applied Research Centre at the Delta Academy in the Netherlands. He works part time at the research institute Deltares as specialist in coastal zone management and policy development. His main field of interest is climate adaptation of erosive, low-lying coastal areas through ‘Building-with-Nature’ measures that improve flood safety while at the same time strengthening the coastal landscape and regional economy.

Between 1980-2007 Joost worked for the Ministry of Public Transport & Water Management where he was involved in many coastal developments in the Netherlands, including the Delta works, research on sea pollution and source control measures, regional sediment management, the Dutch Delta program for climate adaptation, the development of decision-support-systems and coastal monitoring programs. Joost held the position of executive secretary at the National Institute for Coastal & Marine Management and holds a PhD in environmental toxicology.

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