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Jacqueline Vel is senior researcher at KITLV and the Van Vollenhoven Institute (VVI), Leiden University. She is coordinator of the collaborative project ‘Governance, Markets and Citizens‘ of three social science and economics research programs concerned with contemporary developments in Indonesia (SPIN-KNAW). Her current research concentrates on village governance in Indonesia, with plans for a new research progamme (please contact when you are interested). She coordinated the KNAW and NWO funded program ‘Jarak: the commoditization of an alternative biofuel crop (jatropha curcas) in Indonesia’ (2010-2014),with research in the fields of law, history, anthropology, political ecology and agronomy. Her publications include The Uma-economy: indigenous economics and development work in Lawonda, Sumba (eastern Indonesia) (1994, ( translation in Bahasa 2010);  Uma politics; an ethnography of democratization in West Sumba, Indonesia, 1986-2006. ( 2008) and articles on local politics in Indonesia, rural innovations, access to justice for the poor, and the 2014 Village Law.
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