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Inda Loekman

Inda Loekman (Partnership for Governance Reform-Kemitraan, Indonesia)
Inda Loekman is currently Knowledge & Research Manager heading the Knowledge & Resource Center (a unit that provides strategic information and necessary advices for policy analysis as well as repository of knowledge and experiences of the organization). She has more than 10 years working experience in the development sector, particularly in evidence-based policy advocacies. She manages and leads Kemitraan research team in conducting  various research works which applied both quantitative and qualitative methods, including the Indonesia Governance Index and Police Governance Index. Her wide array of exposures in research themes ranging from policy to community research proven her extensive knowledge and skills in quality assurance of research results. She had done research on sectoral issues such as in health, education and sanitation. She has extensive experience in developing strategy for effective data collection and tools for monitoring research quality. She has written various publications for the organization such as journal articles, working papers, policy briefs, best practices documentations and articles, as well as play significant role as quality assurance for organization’s project publications.
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