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I have been working in the section of numerical laboratory in Balai Teknologi Infrastruktur Pelabuhan dan Dinamika Pantai (BTIPDP – BPPT) since 2014. BTIPDP was well known before as Lab Teknik Pantai BPPT and has a main business focus on the assessment & application of technology of coastal dynamics and port infrastructures. As a numerical modeler, my experiences are conducting and analysing the numerical model simulation related to the issues of coastal processes. Mainly in these jobs, I utilize the package of commercial software of MIKE 21. However, some challenges issue emerge and produce unreliable results compare to the field conditions.
 In OSM, I will present and describe issues above, comparing and validating the coastal hydraulic model results against the field measurement. It includes the widespread discussion on numerical terms and parameters, such as the role of various Manning coefficient, eddy viscosity, courant number, and driving force factor. The SOP of numerical modeling in BTIPDP following the ISO 17025 also will be presented and discussed.
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