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Grow through partnership with farmers

By Ir. Glenn Pardede MBA, Managing Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia
PT East West Seed Indonesia is the first integrated vegetable seed company in Indonesia, producing good quality seeds through research & breeding activities. The company activities range from research &development, farms &facilities supports, product development &testing, seed operations, seed production & manufacturing, marketing &sales, corporate social responsibility &extension services. The primary goal of the company is to improve welfare of farmers through high quality vegetable seeds since EWINDO’s establishment 27 years ago. Becoming farmers’ best friend is one of our corporate values.  As best friends we are always ready to help & provide assistance to farmers. We partner with around 10,000 seed production farmers & about 10 millions of vegetable farmers across Indonesia.
EWINDO is now pursuing to develop & work with partners to design a system that can deliver farm advices &share useful information to farmers through data acquisition &process by integrating geo-spatial data, aerial and/or satellite images, weather &soil data, &mobile-based ground data collection.
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