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Food, water and energy: smart and local solutions

Co-chairs Indonesia and The Netherlands

Dr CB Rasendra, ITB, Indonesia and Dr MA (Maja) Slingerland, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Thematic focus

The session will explore options to deal with trade-offs and to create synergy between food, water and energy at different levels. Sessions will include examples of bio refinery as a means to use the entire crop, not only focusing on the main product but also making profitable use of side streams. Options are also proposed to use scarce resources such as land and water in such a way that multiple goals can be addressed. Concepts behind development of such synergies are systems thinking and one of the means to explore trade-offs and synergies are mathematical models. The session clearly shows how we need different disciplines such as agronomy, engineering, chemistry, to analyze potential trade-offs and to aim for more resilient solutions. At the end of each session a debate is held with the audience to allow for policy, business and practice to engage.


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