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Drs. R. Yando Zakaria

Drs. R. Yando Zakaria (Circle for Rural and Agrarian Reform, Indonesia)
Since graduated from Department of Anthropology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia in 1988, I have worked in several research institutions and consultancy, both National or International projects.
So far I wrote over 150 articles published in the mass media, scientific journals, or papers as well as a number of posts to several book anthologies. Personal work book ever published, among others, Hutan dan Kesejahteraan Masyarakat (Forests and Community Welfare, WALHI, 1995); Abieh Tandeh, Masyarakat Desa di Bawah Rezim Orde Baru (All are Finished, Village Community Under the New Order Regime, ELSAM, 2000); and Merebut Negara, Beberapa Catatan Reflektif tentang Upaya Pengakuan dan Pemulihan Otonomi Desa (Claiming the State, Some Notes Reflective About Recognition and Recovery Efforts Village Autonomy (Yogyakarta: KARSA & LAPERA Press, 2004).  Throughout 2013 I appointed as a member of Expert Committee for Village Bill Law by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.
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