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Dr. Tony Liwang

Tony LiwangDr. Tony Liwang, PT SMART Tbk., Indonesia started his career in PT SMART Tbk, as a Division Head, in 1999 to establish SMART Research Institute (SMARTRI)   and the Dami Mas oil palm seed garden.  In 2007 he also established the Plant Production and Biotechnology Division of PT SMART Tbk. to develop a new era of research in tissue culture and biotechnology in oil palm and Jatropha sp. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Agricultural Engineering and Physics, Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands.  And, his Doctorate in Management and Business from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. He joins  actively  the Indonesian Government delegations to several countries and occasions to support the Green Campaign of Sustainable Palm Oil. Besides doing research and promoting sustainable palm oil, in the last decade, he has published a book and over 90 papers in national and international journals, seminars, and conferences.

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