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Dr Maja Slingerland

Dr M.A. (Maja) Slingerland, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Maja Slingerland works at Plant Production Systems at Wageningen
University. She has designed and coordinated  many international
Interdisciplinary research programs, ranging from alleviation of
micronutrient  malnutrition, to competing claims on natural resources,
trade-offs and synergies between food and bioenergy, designing
pathways for sustainable oil palm research (Indonesia), to aquaponics as
a locally adapted method to save water and fertilizer while providing highly
nutritious food. She was a researcher in the Indonesian-Dutch joint
research program Agriculture Beyond Food, guiding research on Jatropha.
Her work aims to improve livelihood of smallholder farmers by improving
their agricultural practices and/or improving their  linkages to markets. She
teaches in Global Food Security and in Sustainable Development. She
supervised numerous BSc, MSc and 7 PhD students and has 8 PhDs
under her supervision currently. She is author of  over 100 scientific
publications  about a multitude of subjects. She currently focusses on
perennial crops (oil palm, cacao).
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