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Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh

Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia).
Assistant Professor at the Department of Bioengineering, School of Life Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung. His research interest is primarily on the valorization of renewable source to produce biobased products using a biorefinery concept. Dr. Abduh is currently focusing on two types of biological agents in his research particularly black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) and stingless bees.
BSFL is used as a biological agent for the bioconversion of Reutealis trisperma seeds or locally known as Kemiri Sunan to produce protein and oil-rich biomass. In 2016, Dr. Abduh has co-authored a book entitled Dari ITB untuk Indonesia: Biorefinery Kemiri Sunan.
Dr. Abduh is also currently focusing on Trigona bee as a biological agent to produce propolis that is rich with anti-oxidant. Dr. Abduh has designed a Modular Trigona Hive called MOTIVE to increase the productivity and quality of propolis which is a promising source for health and beauty products.
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