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Dr. Ir. Sietze Vellema

Sietze VellemaDr. Ir. Sietze Vellema (Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands)
Sietze Vellema’s teaching and research combines an interest in development and technology studies with a focus on partnerships, certification and institutional arrangements in global value chains and agribusiness. Sietze supervises 12 PhD candidates doing research in various fields: collective action in oil palm, shea and sesame in West Africa, public-partnerships, bulking arrangements in East Africa, food safety and consumer practices in Southeast Asia, governance and service delivery in tropical commodities (cocoa and coffee), labelling and governance in Mediterranean food provision, and coordination and joint action in plant disease management in banana. His research also contributes to methodological discussions about integrative research and impact evaluation. Within the Partnerships Resource Centre he coordinates Value Chain Development track.


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