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Dr. H. Syahrul Yasin Limpo , SH , M.Si , MH

Syahrul Yasin LimpoGovernor of South Sulawesi Province

Syahril Yasin Limpo was elected as South Sulawesi province governor of since 2009.  He was graduated  from  Hasanuddin University ( Law degree)  in 1983 and finished his doctoral degree in 2008. His  Organizational  experience  were Secretary of South Sulawesi KNPI in 1990-1993, Chairman of the South Sulawesi  AMPI in 1993-1998, South Sulawesi Golkar secretary in 1993-1998, Vice Chairman of the Central APKASI in 1995, Chairman of South Sulawesi  FKPPI in 2004-2008, Chairman of South Sulawesi Forki in 2004-2008, Kwarda Chairman of the Scout Movement in 2004 – now, Chairman of  Kosgoro 57 in 1998 –present and  Chairman of ORARI South Sulawesi in 2007.

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