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Contesting Salafism on dakwah radio


This article deals with Salafi radio stations in Surakarta, Central Java. It analyses how they have played a role in the Salafi dakwah (Islamic proselytization) movement. It focuses on the internal dynamism of the movement. Characterized by the absence of a central authority, the movement has suffered from fracture into groups, as represented by three radio stations, Suara Quran FM, Al-Madinah FM, and Darussalaf FM. They have competed in gaining legitimacy for their position within the Salafidakwah movement. Each group has tried to become representative of the “true Salafi” (salafi sejati). Each group has attempted to attract the support of the highest Salafi authorities in the Middle East countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This article investigates how Salafi dakwah radio stations in Surakarta have become an important medium for such contestation of authority. More specifically, it addresses how Salafi youth participate in this contestation.


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