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Prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt

Henk Schulte Nordholt (1953) is Head of Research at KITLV and Professor of Indonesian History at Leiden University. His main fields of research include Southeast Asian history, contemporary politics in Indonesia, political violence, and the anthropology of colonialism. He has a special interest in Balinese studies. He is also secretary of the European Association of Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS).

Currently he coordinates a large Dutch Indonesian research program ‘Governance, Markets and Citizens (2013-2017)’, which is sponsored by the Scientific Program Indonesia – Netherlands (SPIN). He also coordinates a project on the Indonesian Revolution for which he aims to write, together with Dr Harry Poeze, a new history of the Indonesian revolution.

Recent Publications:

Citizenship and Democratisation in Southeast Asia (with Ward Berenschot and Laurens Bakker eds), Leiden: Brill 2016.

Een Geschiedenis van Zuidoost-Azië. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2016.

‘Decentralization and democracy in Indonesia,’ in R. Robison (ed), Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Politics, 229-241. Routledge 2013.

Dams and Dynasty, and the Colonial Transformation of Balinese Irrigation Management’. Human Ecology 39:21-28, 2011.

‘Modernity and cultural citizenship in the Netherlands Indies,’ Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 42, 435-457, 2011.





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