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Dr. Renée van Kessel Hagesteijn

Renee van KesselNetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research  (NWO)\

Director Social Sciences (MaGW), director Science for Global Development (WOTRO)  and director National Initiative Brain and Cognition (NIHC).

Expertise: strategy development in the field of social and behavioural sciences, aimed at inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation; setting up and co-funding multilateral, multidisciplinary research programmes and networks, both within Europe as well as beyond.  Dissemination and valorization of knowledge.

Memberships 2014:
•    Executive Committee International Social Science Council (ISSC, UNESCO)
•    Coordinator NORFACE II, EU ERANET for the Social Sciences (scientific  cooperation between research councils in 17 countries)
•    Coordinator Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (research cooperation between organisations in 13 countries)
•    Co-chair of the Trans-Atlantic Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities (EU funded)
•    Joint Working Committee Scientific Cooperation Indonesia Netherlands
•    Supervisory Board Terre des Hommes Netherlands (aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children).

Research interests:
•    political dynamics, (de)centralization processes, early states, fragile states
•    Southeast Asia
•    sustainability and social sciences
•    knowledge management.


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