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Dr. Huub Löffler

Huub LofflerBy education, Huub Löffler is a plant pathologist, graduated at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. He worked for over ten years as breeder and plant pathologist in Amsterdam and Wageningen with a focus on food security and bio-economy. From 1993, he got involved in scientific collaboration with Indonesia, first as project leader, and later as program coordinator. BIORIN is one of the SPIN programs he coordinated, and now he is the Dutch coordinator of the Agriculture Beyond Food program (ABF).

Since 2010, he is Director of Wageningen International. This organization is an integral part of Wageningen UR and is responsible for implementing international strategies, setting-up international collaborations, starting international programs and advising and assisting on international issues in the domains of Wageningen UR: a healthy food and a living environment.

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