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16 May 2017

9.00 a.m. Venue: Senate Hall, 2nd Floor, Gedung Pusat

Keynote Circular economy: Towards a sustainable circular and bio-based economy
By Louise Vet, KNAW-NIOO

9.30 a.m. On-stage discussion “Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia”
Led by Jatna Supriatna, UI

  1. Sonny Mumbunan, UI, Advisor to Presidential Office on SDG’s
  2. Samedi, Yayasan Kehati (Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation)

  3. Louise Vet, KNAW-NIOO
  4. Muhammad Imron, UGM, Forest Management and Conservation
  5. Sentagi Sesotya Utami,UGM, Smart Buildings
10.25 a.m. Elevator pitches to draw attention to the poster sessions
Chair, Suzie Handajani, UGM
10.30 a.m. Poster session with tea and coffee
11.15 a.m. 4 parallel sessions
Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor Main Library

Identity, diversity and culture
Co-chairs: Noorhaidi Hassan, UIN and Bart Barendregt, Leiden University.

  1. Chris Chaplin, KITLV: Salafi Activism and the Promotion of a Modern Muslim Identity: Evolving mediums of Da’wa amongst Yogyakartan University Students
  2. Jajang Jahroni, Jakarta State Islamic University: Ritualism and Sharia-pietism in Contemporary Indonesian Islam
  3. Sunarwoto, PhD Tilburg University: Contesting Salafism on dakwah radio
Venue: Senate Hall, 2nd Floor, Gedung Pusat

Climate change, biodiversity and ecology: development with nature
Co-chairs: Bert Hoeksema, Naturalis and Jamalludin Jompa, Unhas)

  1. Prof. Dr. Rohani Ambo Rappe (UNHAS, Makassar): Seagrasses of Indonesia: biodiversity, ecosystem function, and restoration
  2. Prof. Dr. Suharsono (RCO-LIPI, Jakarta): Sustainable Marine Resources and Climate change
  3. Dr. Ir. Luky Adrianto (IPB, Bogor): Exploring the Social-Ecological System of Small Scale Fisheries Management: The Case of Seagrass-Fisheries Linkages at Bintan Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia
  4. Dr. L.E. (Lisa) Becking (WUR, Wageningen): Marine lakes, phylogeography, connectivity of marine protected areas
Venue: Multimedia Room, 3rd Floor, Gedung Pusat

Food, water and energy: smart and local solutions
Co-chairs: CB Rasendra, ITB and Maja Slingerland, WURProgramme

  1. Maja Slingerland, WUR: Introduction: System thinking allowing for synergies
  2. Anindrya Nastiti, ITB: Coping with poor water supply in peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia: towards a framework for understanding risks and aversion behaviours
  3. Ni’matul Khasanah, ICRAF: From oil palm monoculture to intercropping: synergies and trade-offs using WaNulCas model
  4. Debate with audience
Venue: Windows of the World, 1st Floor Main Library

Science and Applied Research in a 3-helix setting,The Maluku Case
Co-chairs: Frits Blessing and Semuel Leunufna, UnPatti.

  1. Semuel Leunufna, UnPatti
  2. Berry van der Hoorn, Naturalis
  3. Arjan Koeslag, Taskforce for Applied Research (Dutch Research Council)
  4. Prof. Agus Kastanya, Unpatti
  5. Mrs. Ida Yulia Ikhsani, LIPI/Ambon

  6. Mrs. Irene Sohiliat, Manager TPA Toisapu / Green Moluccas
12.45 p.m. Lunch:   1st Floor, West Wing, Rectorate Building
1.30 p.m. Venue: Senate Hall, 2nd Floor, Gedung Pusat

Keynote: Application of Wolbachia Aedes Aegypti for Reducing Dengue Cases in Yogyakarta

 By prof Adi Utarini, UGM Medical Faculty

2.00 p.m. On stage discussion on Democracy and equality
Led by Ari Kuncoro, UI.

  1. Dr Manneke Budiman, UI
  2. Dr Siti Zuhro, LIPI
  3. Dr Bagus Santoso, UGM
2.45 p.m. Poster session with tea and coffee
3.15 p.m. 3 parallel sessions
Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor Main Library

Local governance: policies and the resilience of village societies

Co-chairs: Jacqueline Vel (KITLV/ Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden) , Muhammad Najib Azca ( Sociology, FISIPOL, UGM Yogyakarta)

    1. Ahmad Erani Yustika (Director General Development and Empowerment at the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia)
    2. Bambang Hudayana (executive director of the Centre of Rural and Regional Development at Gadjah Mada University)
    3. Jacqueline Vel (KITLV/ Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden)“New law, new villages? Academic research on local governance and the resilience of village societies”
    4. R. Yando Zakaria (Circle for Rural and Agrarian Reform, Indonesia) Three years of Implementation of Village Law. Problems and Strategic Proposal
Venue: Windows of the World, 1st Floor Main Library

Dynamic changes in health systems: examples of contemporary health issues

General introduction of two sub-themes:

  • Antimicrobial resistance: Introduction by Ida Parwati, UNPAD (10 min), Research update by Lia Iswara, University Sumatera Mutara (15 min)
  • Converging epidemics of communicable and non-communicable diseases: Introduction by Maria Yazdanbakhsh, LUMC (10 min), Research update by Dicky Tahapary, LUMC (15 min)

Discussion: non-communicable diseases; health system implications and research priorities, led by Maria Yazdanbakhsh and Yenny Djuardi, Universitas Indonesia  (40 min)

  1. Sitti Ganefa Pakki, (Head, Filariasis and Helminthiasis Section, Ministry of Health)
  2. Dyah Erti Mustikawati, (Head, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Section, Ministry of Health)
  3. Dominikus Minggu (Director, Dr. Johannes Hospital, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara)
  4. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD KEMDrsity
Venue: Multimedia Room, 3rd Floor, Gedung Pusat

Disaster management: prevention, aid and rebuilding
Co-chairs: Faisal Fathani, UGM and Joost Herman, RUG

  1. Dr. Ngadisih (Study Center for Disaster Management)
    Topic: Research and development center of disaster science and technology for strengthening community capacity in disaster risk reduction
  2. Ms. Esti Anantasari (Anthropology – Strengthened Indonesian Resilience: Reducing Risk from Disasters StIRRRD)
    Topic: StIRRRD: Disaster risk communication challenges for local governments in Indonesia
  3. Sophie Borel: humanitarian education and capacity building for the benefit of aid, disaster management and resilience
4.45 p.m. Venue: Senate Hall, 2nd Floor, Gedung Pusat

One slide – one minute presentation by the break-out sessions (thematic and others)
followed by on-stage discussion and interaction with audience
Co-chairs: Pujo Semedi, UGM and Henk Schulte Nordholt, KITLV

5.45 p.m. Closing by Louise Vet, Chair of SPIN and Vice-Rector Paripurna, UGM
6.00 p.m. Drinks and snacks
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