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Bridging the gap between knowledge and daily practice

On-stage discussion

Convener/discussion leader
Mr. Mervin Bakker, Nuffic, Indonesia, Regional Director of the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nuffic Neso’s) in the Southeast Asian region.
Both Indonesian and Dutch governments have the ambition to apply science in real life challenges to make a difference. How to create and develop places and/or environments where (research can meet real-life challenges by building partnerships between universities, companies and public organizations?
(1) Why does the professional field (‘daily practice’) needs science and vice versa?
(2) What can science offer the professional field (‘daily practice’) and vice versa what can the professional field (‘daily practice’) offer science?
(3) How to stimulate the application of research in companies and organizations and how to simulate the flow of knowledge from companies and organizations into science?
What is the intended outcomes of the discussion? .
Open invitation to the audience of the OSM  to  join the leading coalition of universities, companies and public organizations willing to support and invest in bridging the gap between knowledge and daily practice.
Who will be invited to the panel?
The panel consits of representatives from universities, research institutes, companies and government organizations from Indonesia and The Netherlands.
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