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Abstract Emenda Sembiring

Dr. Emenda Sembiring (Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ITB, Indonesia)

Summary Living Labs (ITB, Unpad, Radboud University and VHL) in Majalaya and Bandung

Abstract: To accelerate the sustainable development goals, living labs is needed. The living labs is a user-centred, open-innovation ecosystem, often operating in a territorial context (e.g. city, agglomeration, region), integrating concurrent research and innovation processes; and within a public-private-people partnership. The living labs major drivers are mainly an involvement of users as co-creators on equal grounds with the rest of participants and experimentation in real-world settings. Living labs provide structure and governance to user participation in the innovation process. Similarly, a living lab in Bandung is a bilateral quadruple helix initiative which will develop partnership between Indonesia and Dutch companies, community, governments and higher education. Several workshops have been conducted to identify locations and real challenges. Despite more challenges we have, we look forward to apply the living labs soon in Ciwalengke (Majalaya) and Bandung.


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